Currencies in purchase invoices

then record purchase invoice , i need to insert some expenses as a cost on item cost but the problem the purchase invoice was with $ dollar but the expenses with other currency ,
so i cant change kind of currency then enter these expenses ,

How to solve it ?

Insert two distinct purchase invoices

To expand a little, purchase invoices are denominated in the currency of the supplier. If a supplier has invoiced you in two currencies, you need to create two separate suppliers, each with its own currency.

It would be unusual for a supplier to invoice in two currencies, so I assume you actually have invoices from two separate suppliers. So, as @Davide wrote, you need two distinct purchase invoices. On the one from the supplier who actually provided the goods, enter the item quantities and the cost from that supplier.

On the purchase invoice for the other supplier, select the same items, enter the costs, but insert zero quantities. This way, your inventory counts will be correct, but the extra costs will be added to average cost of inventory. For more information, see the Guide:

No, you need to leave the quantities blank - otherwise “zero” times unit price gives you “zero” - basic maths.



Dear Tut ,
Thank you for your support

but i main in Automatic distribution for separate freight-in charges
my purchase invoice with dollar & my expenses with Saudi Riyal
so i cant insert the expenses in Automatic distribution way with Saudi Riyal because purchase invoice with dollar , so i cant use Automatic distribution , so my question is

Can i change the currency during enter the expenses ?
notes i need to use Automatic distribution for separate freight-in charges

You are correct. My language was misleading.

No. As I wrote before, currency is set by selection of the supplier. Two currencies means two suppliers.

You will not be able to use automatic distribution, because that requires a single purchase invoice and you will have at least two purchase invoices. You will have to follow the instructions in the Guide for manual distribution of freight-in costs.