Credit notes not on sales report

Good day, When I generate my sales report by custom field by department, the balance is not the same on my sales report in income statement coz the credit notes which are returns are not reflecting. Can i have some advice on this matter? thank you.

Please do not diver topics with unrelated issues. Your question is not related to the Sales Invoice Totals by Item report. It has been moved to its own topic.

What are you referring to when you write, “…sales report by custom field by department?” Is your custom field a department designation? Otherwise, your question is confusing, because there is no such thing as a “sales report,” by custom field or by department.

If your question refers to the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report, that report’s contents are—as the title says—only sales invoices. The balance of an income account on the Profit and Loss Statement will not match the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report for several reasons:

  • Some transactions may not include the custom field.
  • Non-credit sales by receipt are not included, only sales by sales invoice.
  • Credit notes are posted as contra entries to income accounts, reducing their balances.

If you are trying to track performance by department, you should use tracking codes. See Then, you can generate Profit and Loss Statements for each department.