Credit Notes Questions

When I process a Credit Note,

Do I deduct witholding tax or not? Not sure.

When I select the invoice, it doesn’t update the reference number field to match that of the invoice - it just creates a new reference number 1 digit higher than the previous credit note - this reference is of no value to the client nor to myself. So I changed the reference nubmer to be that of the original sales invoice. What is the correct procedure here?

I have had a look at the guides, but it doesn’t cover these two points.

Withholding tax on credit note has the purpose of reversing withholding tax on original invoice. If you don’t use withholding tax on invoices, don’t use it on credit notes.

Reference number of credit note and sales invoice don’t have to match and typically do not. Credit note is simply giving credit to customer. Sometime there is no invoice credit note relates to and sometime credit note can relate to multiple invoices at the same time.

Ok Thank you very much for clearing that up. I was not sure. Regards