Creating inventory items (various styles - colour/size)

I am having trouble loading inventory items in a logical manner.
I have many clothing items eg T Shirts in multiple colours and sizes as well as various styles.

How do you suggest I enter

style          colour            size
Polo Shirt     Blue              M
T Shirt        Black             XL

I think there needs to be more fields to enter more specific details and the reports need to include these extra fields.

What do you think?

You should create inventory item per each combination (style/color/size) and put the information into the name of inventory item. Every inventory item must have unique name.

I agree with the more fields option, and also multiple pricing for wholesale, retail etc. Surely it would be easy to make a primary field category, then a subcategory. Then build into the item multiple price options on a drop down menu.

It’s not a bad idea actually. First I’m going to implement this for regular accounts (to facilitate ability to have sub-accounts), then extending this concept to inventory items shouldn’t be a big problem.


Hi there… Has this been addressed? I do not seem to see that it has. I sell mostly shoes and have the same shoe but in different colors and sizes. It becomes quite lengthy to create new items and the inventory list becomes very long. I read there was to be implemented a subcategory under inventory which would have solved this according to me. Example a boot called Forever 21 and then create the variant example black as a catergory with all its different sizes.

It is important to create these different sizes and colors so that you know what you have in stock when people ask you for a shoe.


This has not been implemented yet.

have you tried creating a custom field for inventory items and setting it to show as a column?
a custom field of the type drop-down list can be easily created for each variant like color, size, etc.


This works and I have managed to put this on my invoices as well.

Example my description is just the shoe style now and the other two columns are the size and colour. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there… Has this been addressed?

Your question is not clear, @cons. Has what been addressed? This thread goes back more than 5 years, and many things that might affect the topic have changed. If your question is whether subsidiary levels of inventory items have been added, the answer is no. Each separate size and color, for example, still require individual inventory items. But improved custom field capabilities help keep them separate, as was discussed a year ago.