Creating bank rules while importing a bank statement

Previously, the process was as follows:

  1. Start importing a bank statement process, and upload the file you wish to import.
  2. An “Uncategorised transactions” screen is shown, with multiple New Bank Rule buttons alongside each suspense item.
  3. We can click on the New Bank Rule button, enter the relevant details, and then click on Create to return back to the previous screen (“Uncategorised transactions”).
  4. Once all bank rules have been created, we can do a Bulk Update to finish importing.

Currently, the process breaks down at the end of Step 3 above. Instead of returning to the previous screen, I am sent to the Summary screen, effectively being kicked completely out of the import process.

I can continue from where I left off by starting over at Step 1 again, and it has the new bank rule that I created, detecting that the transactions have been previously imported but that they are in a Suspense state. But it’s a little frustrating having to do this as I have multiple new transactions that need new bank rules, and I get kicked out of the process every time.

First noticed on 18.5.9 Server Edition.

I just updated and it’s still occurring on 18.5.33 Server Edition.

I can reproduce this bug and am putting it into the Bugs category.

I have a vivid memory, however, of this issue coming up previously and being fixed. But I cannot find it in release notes or anywhere on the forum.

Look forward to this being resolved. It has significantly increased our processing time.

Fixed in the latest version (18.5.34). Pretty sure this issue started when breadcrumbs were put in.

When creating a bank rule according to this screenshot you select where to allocate the transaction

I did set up the bank rule on this screenshot

I import the bank statement and it show that it will go where it was setup to go

but when I import the bank statement then the transaction is laying in the suspense account, why?

I’m on 19.2.45, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

All the transactions that have bank rules is doing it.

You probably did not select the transactions and click Bulk Update. Read the Guide and follow the instructions: