Create Inventory Items not loading

Hi, English isn’t my first language, do pardon my mistakes.
“Thank you” to the team that created the Software. You guys are awesome.

I can’t create inventory on the desktop version of the software. I’m running version 21.3.76 on win10 home version 1809.
Any idea on how to sort this issue will be appreciated.
Thank you, you guys are the best.

You need to provide more information about exactly what you did and what happened. Include screen shots.

It has been loading for almost an hour now.
Also while installing Manager, “webview2” failed to install. I tried to download the standalone version of webview2 from the microsoft platform but the link is broken. I’m not much of a tech guy so I had to come on here to ask for help.
Thank you

You need to resolve your WebView2 issue first. That problem is not related to Manager.

Make sure you are downloading the correct version WebView2 from the Microsoft site for your Windows intallation

I note you are using Windows 10 version 1809 - are you up to date with your Windows updates?