Create Custom report Uncategorized Bank accounts


I’m unable to create a custom report containing all the ‘uncategorized’ transactions in the bank accounts since I cannot find the ‘Uncategorized’ variable in the custom report editor with the tab “bank accounts”

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance,

There is no “uncategorized” variable. That’s the result of a transaction being in the Suspense account. You would have to select the Suspense account name, I think.

I’m curious why you want a report of these? What exactly are you trying to learn and do? And why not categorize them while importing a statement? Or why not use the Find & Recode feature?

Thanks for your response Tut.

I found it under “General Ledger account” - Account name - contains “Suspense”.

As for the why:
I’m working with a company where person A is reponsible for payments to suppliers and making sure all purchase invoices are sent to person B who handles the finances in

To check that purchase invoices are received, transactions stay in the suspense account until the invoice of that purchase is received. At the end of a period Person B sends Person A a report of the purchases missing an invoice (purchase transactions still in the suspense account).

Every day a new twist. :star_struck: I thought you might be looking for transactions that were improperly entered.

You know what they say, unusual situations require creative solutions :smiley: