Courier Charges

How to add courier charges in sales or purchase invoice. as well tracking code.

You can add courier charges by having a relevant P&L account
For a Sales Invoice just “add a line” and use a P&L Income account - "Delivery Fees Recovered"
For a Purchase Invoice just “add a line” and use a P&L Expense account - “Delivery Fees Paid”

Alternatively you could set up an item under each of Settings - Sale Invoice Item & Purchase Invoice Item using the above P&L Income/Expense accounts

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for example…???

Sorry, don’t understand your questions.

i mean to say that please share example snapshoot.

An example snapshot of what? - adding a line to a Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice or setting up an Invoice Item etc… If you can provide a specific situation then I can illustrate the solution, otherwise, what I responded with may not be relevant to you.