Courier or shipment companies

Hi, I’m new here. I’m setting up my company and I’m adding inventory and I’m looking to add a courier or shipment company into the accounting system.
I’m searching here through all the topic about courier, postage and shipment, but non of it is clear about how to setup a courier inside the system.

  1. On my purchase orders/invoice I get charge courier charges and I need to add it onto the purchase order/invoice and pay the supplier.
  2. On my sales orders I need to add the courier charges also.

If I make use of my own courier to pick up from suppliers or to deliver I pay them from my bank and charge the customer the cost.

Now, if I add courier charges in the income and expense account, how I’m getting it on the sales/purchase order/invoice?
Do I add it as an no-inventory item, how do I get it on the purchase/sales order/invoice?

Thanks in advance

You don’t need to add courier charges to the purchase order. That is not what you are ordering. Besides, purchase orders have no financial impact.

When you get the supplier’s sales invoice, enter it as a purchase invoice and add the line for the courier charge. To add the cost to the cost of inventory items, select the Frieght-in item. Read this Guide:

This assumes your supplier is charging you for the freight costs. If you are charged by a different company, that requires you to set up the other company as a supplier and enter a separate purchase invoice.

No you don’t. The sales order is an internal document recording what the customer ordered. Add the shipping charge to the sales invoice when you ship. Post that line to a shipping income line. When you pay the courier service for delivery, that is a separate transaction. You can post that to a separate shipping expense line, or make contra entries to the shipping income line. That decision will depend on whether you intend to just cover costs or consider shipping as a profit-making service.

You might consider entering such expenses under the Billable Expenses tab. Read these Guides: and

You certainly can. Then, just add a line, select the non-inventory item, and enter the price.

Hi Tut
Thanks for your fast response.

I know the purchase/sales orders have no financial value, but I need to enter it because I send an sales order/pro-forma invoice to the customer to pay it before delivery took place. So here, if I understand correctly, I create a Freight-out/Courier-out in the inventory or do I just enter on a new line with the courier charges?

The suppliers also send me a order/quote with the courier charges on it and I pay it before I receive an invoice. So here, if I understand correctly, I create a Freight-in/Courier-in in the inventory or do I just enter on a new line with the courier charges?


This is my supplier document.

This is in manager

Normally, you should use a sales quote for this. That transaction entry form even has the ability to change the title to something like Pro Forma Invoice. Sales quotes also have no financial impact. The reasoning is that a sales quote is an outgoing document, while a sales order is internal and represents an incoming order, which you have not yet received at the point in the workflow you are describing.

Just add the new line. Freight is definitely not an inventory item, because it is a service, and has no value until the service is performed.

Why would you pay in advance for everything? Deposits are one thing. Full payment is pretty unusual. Maybe you need to find new suppliers. After all, you’re the customer. Legally, it is the invoice that creates the obligation, not a quote.

Again, definitely not an inventory item for a service. For incoming freight on purchased inventory, you don’t have to create anything. Read the link I already sent about Freight-in.

Hi Tut
I can’t access the Freight-in the Item, I only can add it as a description, and it seems to work.
Why we pay in advance? Well, because COD clients are Pre-Paid customers and I don’t believe in debt or accounts.

Thanks, for the advice.


I don’t know where you are referring to. The Freight-in item is only functional on purchase invoices. It will be available there as long as you have at least one inventory item. You cannot use it on quotes, sales invoices, sales orders, etc.

If you are not going to buy or sell on credit, you don’t need sales or purchase invoices at all. You could disable those tabs and just use receipts and payments. One less step on every transaction. Then, you will also have no use for customers and suppliers, because they can’t be used on receipts or payments. So you could disable those tabs. Of course, you cannot disable a tab that has transactions in it, so you would need to start over or convert transactions.

I keep track of my customers and also my suppliers and I keep inventory. If I only use receipts and payments then I don’t have any record on my clients or suppliers and inventory. I run this way since 1996 and it’s working for me just fine.

OK. Tracking history with customers and suppliers is a valid reason for issuing invoices. But this has nothing to do with whether you have inventory. Receipts and payments adjust inventory items the same way invoices do.

Hi Tut

Thanks for all the help.
Off topic here now. How do you insert at the bottom of the document a signature, date and the T & C’s?
I need to make out invoices in the next hour so I need it on the documents.


use custom fields.

How do you access the document to insert the HTML code?

You do not “access the document” in any special way. You enter HTML directly in the field(s) as shown in the previously linked Guide. You can make any such code appear on all forms of that type under Form Defaults. See

Since you joined the forum, you have asked many questions that are explained already in the Guides. You should always search there for answers before posting forum questions.

Hi Tut
Thanks for the advice. I did search the forum/topics and I do go through the guides, but sometime when you want something fast and there is not enough time to search and read every single post to get answers then I belief that asking a question is a faster way to get an answer and asking questions is they way to learn things faster.

I did come right, I just must find out how to reduce the font size. Its weekend so I will do the searching until I find it.
Blessings and enjoy the weekend.

@BillionDollars, remember that every time you rely on the forum because that is faster than looking yourself, someone else is taking time from their own business to help you. Don’t abuse their generosity, or there may come a time when no answer exists, but no one will help.