Copying the delivery note to new sales invoice

Dear sir,

Kindly note that when we try to copy a delivery note to sales invoice, it create invoice yes but the checkmark on the custom title is not coming exactly as per the sales invoice default value
for example:
New invoice comes by default with title : FACTURA
but when changed in the default value of the invoice to come : PROFORMA
and when we copy a delivery note to become an invoice, the title come with the default (FACTURA) while we need it to come as we put in default (PROFORMA)

Thank you!

Although this may produce undesired results in your case – understandably so – however, this is a feature by design for the Copy to function. So I can’t call this a bug.

However, it is understandable that a Custom Title for any type of document is irrelevant when copying to a document of another type, say from Sales Quote to Sales Invoice. E.g. if you retitle your quote to say “Estimate”, this title doesn’t make sense when copied to anything else other than a Sales Quote.

The fix could be as simple as having different Custom Title fieldname for different document and so I am placing this in ideas.

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I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Custom titles are not being copied between document types.

@Yaser can you check again what exactly is the issue?


Ok i will explain:

I created delivery note
then i copied it to sales invoice
sales invoice comes with a title of “invoice”

in sales invoices i already put custom title to sales invoices to be “Proforma” in the form defaults

So when i copy a delivery note to be a sales invoice, it should be a sales invoice with the title of (Proforma)
but what is happening now is
when i copy a delivery note to sales invoice ,
it misses the check mark of the custom title in the sales invoice.

so all I need is to add to the action is to mark the custom title automatically like the form defaults default which i already defined


Oh. I see.

So it’s because the checkbox on Custom title is copied across (not the custom title itself). So when you use document type that doesn’t have custom title, the target document type will have Custom title unchecked too (instead being checked as per form defaults).

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This has been improved in the latest version (20.1.19)