Copy to: Sales Order to New Sales Quote

I will weigh in here as well.

My computer / device repair shop functions in this way as well. Customers drop off computers or mobile devices for repair. Say they ask for a virus removal or just a system tune up. We put that on the sales order and a tech works on the service. If in the process we discover there is no anti virus etc., we will produce a separate quote and send to the customer. If it is approved, it goes onto the sales order. When the order is completed, it gets converted to invoice and billed.

We have custom fields for status of sales orders and initial problems that help track where a project is on the work flow.

That being said, I would love a copy to sales quote from sales order.

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@VISA-MC, your situation is somewhat different from @compuit’s. You start with a sales order that defines work actually authorized by the customer. If further needs are discovered, you generate a separate sales quote for the amended work requirements. If accepted, you add the work to the existing sales order. And you are not documenting work done on sales invoices, but on the sales order. At the end, everything you have done—whether initially authorized or added later—is on the sales order for copying to the sales invoice.

To me, this makes sense. I would describe it as a conventional flow, but with two potential branches of input: one is the initial sales order, the other augmentations from additional sales quotes.

I’m not sure why, in your situation you would need to copy the sales order to a sales quote, since the sales quote would address new work. But I suppose you could edit a copied quote, keeping the customer’s information and deleting the work already on the sales invoice.

Regardless of what I think, I’ve moved this to the ideas category.

I think something that has been mentioned in the beginning but forgotten here is that we have a mountain of information captured in the “Sales Orders” phase. Should we need to generate a quote the information has to be either retyped or copied using “copy and paste” into the new “Sales Quotes”. Luckily our staff all have 3 to 4 Monitors so this is what we are currently doing. The copy to function will potentially reduce errors in transferring key detail to the “Sales Quotes”. Anyway over to the powers that be. Thank you.

Four of our hosted companies are seeking this option now. So I am confident other businesses out there may find this useful too. Updated diagram a little.

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Added to the latest version (19.7.49)


…Thank you the teams are really happy … Big time saver. However after the update the system switches to Evaluation mode. If I roll back to previous Manager version all back to normal. moving from version 19.7.41 to Ver 19.7.50

@compuit, what do you mean by “evaluation mode?” There is nothing in Manager named in that way.

Do you mean on the server edition?

I would call that evaluation mode…

@compuit, if this is what you are referring to, you need to start a new topic. That has nothing to do with copying sales orders.

Yes - Correct, prompting for Product Code. I do not seem to have this on record anywhere.

@compuit can you try the latest version - 19.7.51?

Perfect fixed - using Server Ver 19.7.52 - Many thanks