Copy Sales Order reference to Purchase Order

When I create a new purchase order from a sales order (copy to) can the sales order reference number be copied to the new purchase order?

Think about when you would copy a sales order to a purchase order. A customer orders something, and you create a sales order. You do not have the item in inventory, so you need to buy it. So you copy the sales order to a purchase order.

Why would you want your supplier to see your internal sales order number? One is part of a sales workflow. The other is part of a purchasing workflow. And what if you are using the customer’s purchase order number as your sales order number instead of a sequence number? Then you would definitely not want to show your customer’s number to your supplier, who might—in some situations—be able to figure out who the customer is and steal them away.

Additionally, someone might copy a complex sales order to a purchase order for different reasons. Perhaps you receive a large order and need to replenish your inventory. But the purchase has nothing to do with the sales order. Why would you want the sales order number on the purchase order?

When thinking about features to add to the program, you cannot just think about your personal situation. You must consider all the ways other users might be working.

I don’t.

Question: How can I now see from a purchase order to which sales order it belongs?

Personally, I put that kind of information in a custom field that is set not to show on printed documents.

That’s a possibility but if there already is a reference present, it is redundant, and increases te risk of errors.

Track and trace is important and something that everyone benefits from. I hope @lubos considers adding it.