Copy to Behavior

When copying an older invoice to a new invoice - eg an old Purchase Invoice to a new Purchase Invoice, it does not update the due date field to use the new purchase invoice form defaults. So an old invoice using Due Date by does not update to due Date Net. My understanding is that the Copy to feature should reset all date related aspects, whereas the Clone should be an identical clone.

I want new invoices to use the Due Date Net and 14 days, not Due Date By which was historically blank. This way I can get rid of the problem where invoices show as overdue the very next day as historically I never set a due date on past invoices. So I have addressed this in form defaults for invoices.

However, this does not address historical invoices that are being copied.

This is not a bug. It is part of the smart copy initiative discussed in the September newsletter. Due dates do not copy, on the assumption that a due date on an historical invoice would seldom, if ever, be rational on a transaction issued on the current date.

Copying and cloning also do not follow Form Defaults. The presumption is that, if you want to copy a transaction, you want those fields that make sense to carry forward, regardless of what Form Defaults for brand new transactions might be set to produce. And if you want to clone, you want an exact duplicate.

As you implement the 14-day net policy you have written about here and in another thread, this will cease to be an issue for you, because you will be copying older invoices that are net 14.