Copy and paste

@Patch @eko @p4unger @mick This is interesting.
I did a different calculation to test

This still give values although as far as my knowledge I have selected all cells and coverted it to numbers.

What version of Manager are you using?

Lubos optimised copy to clipboard for data import over formatting relatively recently

Do number formats work? They do not appear to have indicating you have text not numbers

Straight out ‘copy to clipboard’ and paste into excel. Cells not reformatted from general.

All works as expected. Excel 2016, manager 21.5.35. even if there is text in one of the cells. (there is text in cell C:11 not shown in screen shot)

@Patch Version 21.4.27

@Patch @eko @VACUUMDOG Looks like I do not have the latest version. Maybe that could be the problem. Is there a upgrade option or should I re-download Manager again. If I do? what happens with my current data?
@lubos I am just asking. Should manager not update automatically when there is a new version?

First of all DO A BACKUP
Download the latest version from
Everything should still be there.

@VACUUMDOG @Patch @eko Maybe this could solve the problem. I will update and try again.

@VACUUMDOG @Patch @eko Nope I upgraded to the new version. No Change.

@kobus_Jhg Is it just negative numbers which are causing issue in Excel? How about your sales figure which is positive number?

@lubos @Patch @VACUUMDOG @eko Positive numbers are a problem as well. I did upgrade to the latest version of Manager. If it will help, I have Excel version 2010.

That is 11 years old. Try Libre Office (is open source). If it works then time to update your Excel.

@eko It does not download. Maybe there is an error with the link.

Did you go here
Btw Microsoft office 2007 works OK for me

@Patch Yes I did

What Operating system are you using?

What does the exclamation mark symbol reveal?

@Joe91 Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019

Put this formula in the next column

Then copy it down like this

Then see if formulas work summing this new column

If it still does not work post a screen shot with “show formulas” selected.

Or change the number format
or paste the formula (with the cell reference adjusted as appropriate)
= value(B7)
then sum that column

@AJD @Patch @eko @VACUUMDOG @Joe91 @lubos I have done the following: -

If one looks at these 2 columns, the 1st column Is as copied and pasted from Manager re-formatted as the number format. In the 2nd column I have retyped the 2 amounts (-833.33 and -434.78) These 2 numbers is the real number format, because it is aligned on the Right of the cell and it adds up. This means all numbers copied from Manager will still have to be re-typed in order to do calculations.
Looks like the “copy to clipboard” and “paste” to excel does not work.