Converting cash accounts to customers

Most of my accounts are cash but as they grow they want to pay by EFT.I understand i then need to create them as customers under the customer tab?
Is the any way i can convert cash accounts to customers without recapturing all their info again under customer accounts

No, you cannot convert a cash account to a customer. A cash account is merely a place to hold and record transactions made with physical cash. It has nothing to do with customers. A customer is an entity you sell things to with sales invoices.

What do you mean when you refer to recapturing information from cash accounts under customer accounts. The only information that applies to a cash account is a name you call it (like Cashbox) and the currency you hold in it (if a base currency is designated). Neither of those things is related to a customer. (You might have customers who also operate in the same designated currency, but those currency denominations are completely independent.)

If you want to receive payments via electronic funds transfer, you need a bank account.

If you mean how do I associate cash transactions with customers, you currently can’t, see

By this, do you mean that they pay by cash at the time of purchase or that they are paying their “account” with cash at a later date.

Payments by EFT (debit/credit card, mobile phone app) are no different to payments by cash, it’s just an alternate cash type but paid directly into your bank account…

In asking this, I am guessing that you had set up your “customers” as 0%20Cash%20Accts%20tab%20name as they paid in cash. If yes, then that was an incorrect use of 0%20Cash%20Accts%20tab%20name.

Cash accounts are where you hold your cash, not the type of paying customer.