Convert Sales quote to Invoice?

Just came across this website and am trying the desktop version to see if this is what I am looking for. a quick question is it possible to convert a Quotation for a customer to an Invoice once he decides ?

Also is the server edition has the same functionality like the desktop version if we intend to use it for multiple users?


When you view the sales quote after you create one, you can select the “Copy to” button and select "New Sales Invoice.

You cannot create users in Desktop version.

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cheers but when you copy the quote will still be there, what i meant is to convert it without the need to delete the quote, in reality once a quote is accepted there is no longer the need for the same quote to be visible anymore as it is now an invoice.


Its for A future Reference. If you do not Need It, Then Just Simply Delete It after making Invoice of that.:slightly_smiling_face:

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