Context sensitive help

In several places in Manager, short labels in drop down list are used to categorize entries. An example of which is tax codes but the same concept applies to all other drop down lists.
The issue is the labels need to be short to fit in tabulated date entry forms but the applicability of the short label and implied classification requirements, are not always immediately obvious from the short label.

Having an optional context sensitive legend would assist usability. Its display could be enabled in a similar way to the “Learn how to” switch currently at the bottom of each screen.

From a program perspective it would mean having a new data type “Help” a free text field displayed at the bottom of the screen when screen help is enabled.

When drop down lists are defined each entry could have a “Label” (as currently used) and “Help” field.

Then when context sensitive help is enabled, for each drop down list (on the current page) with help data, a legend showing “Label” and “Help” for each item could be displayed (omitting entries with an empty “Help” string).

Similarly “Help” fields could be attached to other data elements which would also be displayed on each screen the data element is used.

I suppose the alternative is to have the relevant localization guide in the list of “Learn how to” documents.
They are actually very good, and the one with VAT calculations / tax rates is probable relevant on several screens.