Contacts Custom Field


A Custom field that displays a list of the names or codes of Customers, Suppliers, Employees, and Expense Claim Payers would be beneficial. You can always use the List View Custom field, but the list must be updated manually anytime there is a new customer, supplier or employee. A custom field that displays a list of contacts and automatically updates them with the addition of new contacts would be helpful. Looks like I have seen a request like this on the forum in the past but I just cannot find that topic or comment.

Use Case.

A custom field for “Projects” where customer name is selected (customer who owns project).

A field where Sales Agent’s name (Employee) is selected to help to track sales commission due.


I remember this feature was available when the developer introduced the new custom fields for the first time, but from 2 days I have tried to create a list from “line custom fields” in sales invoices but I found it changed to text custom fields and doesn’t work like what I have seen before. I support your Idea here.