Consolidated Services Invoice

I have started to use Manager since March 2015. Thanks for making such nice piece of software available for free.

Based on few weeks of usage, I have come across couple of observation related to invoices related to services invoice.

  1. Is there anyway to create consolidated invoice for time booked for multiple days against the same customer at same rate. Currently for each days time records, when I generate invoice it generates one invoice line. If I billing for 20 days in a month, I will have 20 lines in invoice. It would be better to have one consolidated, with sum of all hours added together.
  2. The report on services, give me consolidated entry, also in value terms. Is it possible to create report which shows details of time booked against the customer. My thinking is to use it as timesheet and give it along with consolidated invoice.

I searched the forum, but could not find anything related to this.

I assume you are using Billable Time tab, although you do not specifically say. Manager will only list all the transactions as separate invoice line items, as you have observed. There is not a way to consolidate them. However, if you want, you can enter the total amount of time and it will show up in one entry, but only for a single date.

I am curious why you want to do this. I cannot imagine a customer who would pay an invoice that did not spell out each day’s time separately. I am especially curious because you say you want first to consolidate everything, but then be able to add a detailed time sheet to the invoice. It seems Manager already provides what you need.

In services business, the time sheets always have details of time spent on task and are generally submitted on weekly bases to customer. But time sheets do not carry any financial component.
Once customer approves the time sheet, a consolidated invoice is generated, which totals the task and hours spent the same.
Generally it is not necessary to give date wise detail on invoice, if the task/resource/rate is same and time-sheets are already approved.

Hope this clarifies, what I am after and why.

I understand exactly what you are doing and why, @thakersagar. But I urge you to be cautious when using the word “always” in accounting. I have been in service businesses for about 25 years of my 40+ year career, and have yet to encounter a customer in the half-dozen countries where I have worked who wants it the way you describe. My own experience is that clients’ accounting departments want to minutely dissect everything having to do with contract billing. But they insist on having all related information in the invoice. They won’t even review, let alone pay, an invoice that isn’t totally documented. And they won’t bother looking at anything that isn’t an invoice. They want to do it once and have all the information needed to reject your invoice, usually requiring 2-3 submissions before they pay. In most cases, I’m convinced this is just a way of extending payment terms, because seldom does a rejection result in a change. :smiley:

You can delete all the additional lines of the invoice not required and change the first line total to the total invoice amount and change the description of the first line to the general description of the services provided. The deleted lines will still show as invoiced even if they are deleted.

Right now, it’s not possible to generate such invoice. You would have to manually delete individual line items and just have one generic one like @tony said. In future, Manager will be able to consolidate billable time during invoicing.

Cannot be done but I see no reason why in future it couldn’t be implemented. After all, Manager already has all the data to be able to generate detailed timesheet for customer.

@Tut, I take back the word “always”. :blush:
@tony, thanks for the workaround, I will give it a try.
@lubos, Thanks for the reply, looking forward to the enhancement in the functionality. is there any place where I can register a change request?