Consolidated Customer Statements

Can anyone offer a way to produce a consolidated customer statement ?
I deal with customers who have different branch locations. Each branch is invoiced individually (as a separate customer) but the total account is paid by their head office.
I need to be able to send a statement to head office showing all of the due invoices for each branch. They will then pay the total amount shown on this statement.

At the moment the customer statements produce an individual statement for each branch.
If for example I deal with a company that has 20 branches, the head office do not want to receive 20 statements each month.

I am sure this must be a common scenario for many business that deal with customers that have many locations.

I have tried long and hard to create a custom report, but I have not been able to find the right filters to produce the desired outcome.

I do believe this consolidated statement would be a great addition to the built in reports.

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.


There is no method. Manager cannot consolidate entities. The effort of manual consolidation is the price you pay for the privilege of having a customer who uses your offerings across all divisions/branches/offices.

I thought this would have been straight forward using a custom report.

Customer Name Alias: Customer
Sales Invoice Description Alias : Order Number
Sales Invoice Reference Alias : Invoice Number
AmountMultiplyedByNegativeOne Alias :Amount

Where :
Customer Name contains ‘Customer Base Name’
Amount Equals Sales Invoice Total

1.The report should only choose transactions between the selected date range.
2. I use the Sales invoice Description field to enter the customer order number
3. For MacDonald’s Perth the customer base name would be ‘MacDonald’s’

The problem I have is find the correct field to display the sales invoice total.
Obviously this sales invoice total ought to be stored somewhere in the database

With the above methodology I can report and display for example General Ledger sales in the Amount field, but not the sales invoice totals that I need.

Do I stand a chance with something like this or am I barking up the wrong tree