Merge Multiple Customer Statements

I require a feature “Merge Multiple Customer Statements (ledger)”, the problem I am facing is;

  1. One of my customers has multiple locations of their business whom we are serving.
  2. For each Location I opened a new customer to figure out a separate system (of Quotes, Orders, Invoicing and statements, etc.) in the Manger.
  3. Now customer asked me to send the complete/combined/merged ledger of all locations



  • Print out the statement for each location, and
  • Hand typed a summary of all locations combined (add the totals on a calculator or spreadsheet)
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Oh I just use divisions for the separate companies and then I can do a set of reports for just one division or all of them combined or All/ both in the same report

@myacirkhan was talking about a Customer with multiple businesses. Surely you should not setup Divisions per customer. Divisions are meant for your own business.

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This supports the idea of Main customer and Its branches.
For Example, I used to work for a trading company who sells goods to a retailer “Like Walmart” and it has more than 100 branches.
They used Microsoft Dynamics Nav.
It had an option to use a main customer and A sub customer of the main one.
And you could get statement of account for each one separately and also a statement of account for the main customer.
Still, once you define a customer as a main customer, you cannot record directly anything to this customer.
And the main customer Statement of account was only automatically generated.
For now, you can apply that using the customer codes.
For Example Main customer code would be 495
And the first branch could be 495-1
The second one would be 495-2
And so on.
And then you filter using 495
And copy paste to excel and modify manually.

Actually I use it in 2 cases, 1) I have a rental client that is a partnership and for tax reasons I have to split everything to each of them so I made 2 divisions one for each partner and I split the each expense and income between the 2 divisions. Come time to send accounts(P&L,Balance sheet, Asset summary) to IRD I have 3 columns in the P&L, one for partner1, one for partner2 and a combined one.

2)I have a client that has 3 business so I set up 3 divisions with the 3 different business with the 3 different names , I code income,and expenses to the appropriate division. I can do the reports the same as above and my client is happy because he sees each company and then the combined total. I am not saying that’s the right way but it works for both my clients and they pay me so as long as they and IRD are happy is the main thing. I was just giving you an idea

I certainly see nothing wrong with that. It isn’t what divisions were conceived for, but not all that far off. One just needs to be sure commingling original records doesn’t violate some jurisdictional rule. In many cases it won’t, and the financial statements are not usually what are submitted to the tax authorities.

Thanks tut :grinning: in NZ we have a choice we can
A) fill out an IR10 which is basically all of the P&L,Balance sheet, assets and depreciation,
capital/current accounts. If its a rental there is a bit more an IR3R Rental Income.
B) send in the year end accounts which is quick and easy as I already have them to print out, bind and
give to client.
C)IR3B schedule for Business Income business.
So for me its easier to just send them the reports