Connection between billable time and non-inventory items

I’d love to be able to use Non-Inventory items on Billable Time records. This would allow a lot more control over what line items on the resulting Sales Invoice would look like. It would also simplify choosing which rate to charge for those hours/minutes. I could have an H1, H2, and H3, item for Billable Hours each with a different unit price.

I know others have asked for per-customer pricing matrices in the past which were shot down for being too complex. I agree. This would just be one price per non-inventory item and whoever is entering the Billable Time entry would choose the desired item.

I am putting this into ideas. However, any implementation would require a separate type of non-inventory item limited to hours. Otherwise, you could end up with users trying to charge consumable supplies to billable time.

Meanwhile, you can already define various tasks as non-inventory items. That accomplishes basically what you want. You just can’t enter such items as billable time, so they don’t show as assets awaiting invoicing.