Connect Bank Accounts - transactions automatically imported

Perhaps in your country. In many, they are not available. In fact, in quite a few, downloaded statements are not even available.

Can you make it available for those who want to pay extra for this facility?

Is there a standard all these major banks follow?

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direct bank feeds are available now from all major banks without a third party like Yodlee

Is there a standard all these major banks follow?> Blockquote

No, there is no worldwide standard

No idea regarding any standards. I have been using a cloud version of Manager for more than five years now in Australia. My experience has been great till now but there are two major shortcomings in this software as I am a MAC user. (1) Non availability of direct bank feeds - I feel it can be managed by you especially for paid clients. It is a real pain to download the statements manually every other day to keep a track of the payments.I am ready to pay more if I get that facility. (2) Non availability of STP - you can integrate it with free softwares like Payroller which are so easy to work with. I can stay with Manager forever, if you can offer Direct Bank feeds for easy customer usability. Thanks.

Just thought I will add this to the mix. ANZ Bank in New Zealand offer connection to the following “out of the box”. Maybe be similar to AU as it is a Australian owned bank?

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Do you perhaps have a solution to the error message I receive when trying to use Web Macro Player or is there another option to use?

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  1. This should be in a new topic
  2. No one can help if all you can say is I have a problem, can you help?

You need to say what version you are using, what you are trying to do and show screen images of the error you are getting

@Meester I didn’t have time to maintain this project so I pulled it out. As a replacement, is very good. But it’s cloud hosted so there could be security concern although if your bank offers read-only credentials, then using cloud hosted scrapping tool could work fine.

But I still think developing your own bank scrapping script is high-effort solution.

The best approach is to implement support for standards such as open banking. I will be looking into this again sometime next month.


Currently the Commonwealth Bank of Australia only offer bank feeds to Xero and MYOB

I like how you think, having this as part of manager because it would be an additional cost with 0 benefit for users who don’t want this feature.

Maybe if you provide some kind of way to have this as an add-on and not as an integral part.

What’s even better is to give users a built-in tool to write their own macros in a native console and have add-ons be ready made macros. That would be sweet :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

I created a set of two tools based on CBI ( I get both the bank balances and Receipts and Payments. However I had to use my main bank to get the records I need.

  1. My main bank (SS) is connected to CBI (I currently manage something like 20 bank accounts in my business),
  2. SS gets all I need and generates an excel file that through a plugin is saved automatically on my server.
  3. I open a different excel file that it is connected to my bank excel file and that do all the reclassification Manager needs for batch creation
  4. I make a backup of my business and I batch create everything.

This together with the other tool for automatic creation of all the accountings for loan amortization calculations saves me two/three days of work each month and also grants my company from a lot of possible errors due to manual data entry.