Confirm Payer & Account fields don't batch create

While I was taking care of my mom who was in hospice I mixed my business an personal cards as needed. I now have 200+ payments that really should be Expense Claims. I saw another ? suggesting Batch Create so I delete them from Receipts/Payments but when I went to import into Expense Claims Payer & Account were blank. I tried renaming to exclude space, including the Account code, etc. and it’s still blank.

Is there a way to import these 2 fields for my 200 plus transactions, rename the fields maybe?

These fields will not accept plain-language inputs. They require 32-character, hexadecimal UUIDs. You will need to make some manual entries with relevant content, then use the Batch Update function to see what these are for your payer and account(s). Search the forum for more details. This topic has been covered many times.

I see the program is unable to validate or reject data updating any field with a drop down - the bank import is already set up for the bank account field and the rule takes care of the CoA field - I think the hex UUID process is a bit more that I can do at this time - the accounting was already a challenge - creating guid’s another bucket all together, i hadin’t come across this before in other importing programs but thanks for the direction!

It may not be as difficult as you might think, @Jake. If all these expense claims were on your personal card, the payer will always be you. So the UUID will be the same for all of them. If you’ve entered one expense claim, the Batch Update process will let you copy that UUID. You can then paste it into the spreadsheet you are building for the Batch Create and fill down the column.

Likewise, you probably have only allocated these claims to a few accounts. Once you have manually entered enough transactions to cover those accounts, the UUIDs for the accounts will be the same every time you post to that account. So again, copy relevant UUIDs from a Batch Update spreadsheet and paste into the one you are building for the Batch Create.

Once the spreadsheet is all built you will be ready to really do the Batch Create.