Comparatives variance and percentage option

Is there an option to have comparative reports to have option of selecting variances and percentages of change?

What other reporting options are there?

I am using the desktop version.

There is not currently any report providing the information you seek. All available reports will show automatically under Reports tab, based on the modules you have enabled via Customize. (Reports that pertain to modules you have not enabled will not show.)

Some reports, such as P&L statement and balance sheet, can be created with up to 3 years of data for comparison, but there are no calculations of variance or percentage change. Variances from budget are not possible because Manager does not yet have a budgeting module, though one has been mentioned as being available in the future.

Manager does not have any restrictions on the number of years of comparative data. I recently used Manager to help someone with a backlog of eight years of financial statements and reviewing the eight years at a glance made the task much easier.

It would be great to have that feature…being one of the most important aspects of management accounts.

The current reports are good…just think that this should be essential.

My mistake, @tony. I remembered (apparently misremembered) reading somewhere there was a limit of 3 comparison years. Or perhaps that was just a decision I made for my own case. :relaxed: