Add Comprative column to Customer Summary Report

Dear Sir,
Please advise if there is any future ability to add more periods as ((Add Comprative column)) in Customer Summary Report
Thank you!

You can already create as many Customer Summary Reports for as many Periods as you wish, so not sure what you want to achieve.

in the same report … the key marked in the image is not there yet

I know what you meant, but do not understand how this will work, be used. What would be the use of this within a Customer Summary Report?

OK, let me explain.
In the flower business, for example,
Clients buy the products on the current invoice and pay the invoice value from last week.
Aging report buckets are only for 30 days, so I believe that this may work as a workaround or alternative temporary solution until we have the ability to edit the bucket periods in the aging report.

There is not room for “comparative columns” on the Customer Summary. Depending on your accounting history, there are already columns that fill the page. See this example:

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 7.31.32 AM

My dear, I had a report from Manager has the monthly sales day by day for the complete month, and it is to copy it from manager and edit on Excel, so the layout of any report is not a problem at all