Columns of Custom Fields in Sales Invoice Line Items Large in Width


Dear Lubos,

I have added a custom field as Remarks after Description in Sales Invoice -> Line Item and selected it to be displayed in Printed Documents. When I use that column and type in values the column width is very large and not proportionate to the size of text in it. This is even more increased when I use the PDF option to create a PDF file.

Screenshots attached.

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Taher Nomani.


Dear Lubos,

Sorry I have forgotten to mention that I have tried the Plain and the Smooth Gray themes both without any changes to the theme. Also I have tried the same with Tax and without Tax included.

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Taher Nomani


please read the below topic


Dear Sharpdrivetek,

Thanks it looks like a proper solution. Will try it out and post again my results.

Thanks and Regards,
Taher Nomani


Dear @sharpdrivetek,

Please note the work around given it worked like a charm. Thanks a million.

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Taher Nomani



I am having this same problem of adjusting column width - please could you share your fix for this with me?


its already provided in post #3


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