Codes & Clearing


Its great to see codes being integrated into the software. Though, is there a way to ensure that the software wont let you give the same code to more than one customer/supplier/account. Since the codes and not automatically generated, it is possible to easily enter existing codes for new accounts/customer/suppliers

Also, are you planning on bringing “line item clearing” into the software? it would make accounts so much neater if clearing off debit/credit entries was available.


There could be warnings if there are duplicate codes.

Not sure what you mean by “line item clearing”. Could you be more specific?


Yeah, even a warning would be good.

As for line item clearing, well, for example:

Bank A has given you a loan of $100

over the next 5 months you pay $20 each month and pay off the loan,

Then, the account balance should be zero, but, since you do alot of work in that account, all those lines of $100 Debit and 5 x $20 credit entries gets messy and creates confusion when you are trying to audit the account.

Hence, when using SAP at my old job, you could simply select the line items that would clear off each other (such as -100 and +20 +20 +20 +20 +20 making it zero) and then those items would no longer be visible in the account. Only when you search for “cleared items” in said account could you see them but they wont be present amongst “open items”.

This becomes VERY useful when this software is being used to full scale. Ive only been trying it out for appx 1.5 months and some of my accounts are way too messy to understand.


I’m sure there are better ways to handle this than hiding transactions. Hiding is bad unless you are hiding mistakes that shouldn’t have been done in the first place. In Manager you can always go back and correct mistakes.


its not really about hiding. its about keeping accounts clean in order for easier understanding. Cleared items dont have all that much importance, only if you feel there was a mistake then you can view the cleared items and correct it. Its the “open” items that are of more importance. This way, you dont get lost in a sea of data when you could have the option of seeing only what needs to be seen.

Plus, clearing data only works if transactions COMPLETELY offset one another. So there is no anomaly in the trial balance.