Clone inter account transfer


during my diary use of Manager found this behaviour:
1 - create one inter account transfer BUT specify the effective date

2 - now clone it
3 - remove the effective date from the cloned transaction, make any change, save
4 - edit the cloned transaction

5 - the effective date is not removed

It is not clear what you mean by “effective date.” Do you mean the Date field or the clearance dates under Status? I assume the former. That is the date the transaction is considered to have occurred. The date is not a date on which the transaction will become effective. Every transaction in Manager needs such a date because the program uses that date as part of the transaction’s identification. If you delete it, the program will fill in today’s date.

I also notice in your illustration that you have marked a portion of the transaction as being cleared before it occurred. That is impossible. Bank transfers cannot be cleared before they occur.

yes I mean “clearance dates”

the second screen, like I stated, shouldn’t even have this “clearance dates” because I already removed it… but manager don’t remove them! that is my “problem”

You probably did not click Update after deleting the date. Nothing changes in the database until you Update the transaction.

After a clone operation, the button is “Create”, not “update”, but neither “record” the changes in “clearance dates”

Create appears the first time any transaction is created. Update appears when any transaction is edited. That has nothing to do with transaction type or cloning.

I just tested your reported behavior for third, fourth, and fifth times, after already testing it twice before responding to our original post. If you delete the date for the cleared status on a cloned transaction and then click Create, the date remains deleted. Put in any other date and it will be saved. There is no malfunction.

What version number are you using?