Clickable amounts show up empty, no mutations visible P&L side

After the latest update, I noticed that on the profit and loss side, if I click on the total amounts , you can no longer see all the mutations that make up that saldo.

It does work on the Balance sheet side, at first I thought it was due to the period, but I adjusted this, and it still does not work :frowning: help

What version number and operating system? I just checked v16.1.46 and drill-down works on both Balance Sheet and P&L sides of the Summary, the same way it always has.

I think it is version 16.1.41 hard to tell due to no description in the download, just says manager.msi

I just tried to repaid it, but there is a file missing, so I downloaded it again, and now it is working… sorry and thank you very much Tut!!

For future reference, the version number can be seen by clicking on About Manager in the top menu bar. I am glad things worked out for you.