Clearing of Payments in Locked books

I have pending deposits in Payments. However the supplier deposited the check a month after but how can I clear the pending deposits when my book for the previous month was already locked without changing the figures in my Reports?

This is known limitation. It has been already posted in ideas

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Changing the lock date, setting the cleared status and adding a cleared date to a payment will not affect your accounts or reports in any way.

Remember to reset the lock date

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what if worse case like for 3 months duration? is it even okay?

Sorry - you said a “pending deposit” in “Payments”. That doesn’t make sense - you need to explain a little more about how you recorded the payment, if you recorded it at all

If you did not record it, then it was an outstanding accounts payable balance when you closed the accounts.

If you did record it, then it was a pending payment in your bank account

Yes it was recorded and pending payment to the bank account.

I assume it was recorded using the date the cheque was issued.

Then there is no problem in changing the status to cleared three months later, or indeed, even later.

It begs the question as to why you issued the cheque when you did instead of issuing it three months later

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