Edit Payment Clear date after Enter the Lock Period


I would like to know how can I edit the Payment release date, after my superior has locked the financial Month?


Transaction date: 20/02/2018

Supervisor Lock date: 28/02/2018

Clearing date: 15/03/2018

How can I change the above payment date to 15/03/2018?

I try to do it in the Bank Reconciliation but it seem didn’t allow? or I had miss something in between?

you will have to ask your superior to allow for the changes to be made.
after your superior removes the lock date, you can change the date as necessary.

I think it will be better, if the lock period was entered and still able for the staff to edit the release date.

Will it be any issue, to enable the payment release date be able to edit?

Example, payment release date if early than the lock date, then the transaction will not be able to save/update.

your idea will defeat the purpose of setting a lock date.

Defeat mean?

Actually I am not trying to edit whole of the transaction, and i just want to edit the payment date. and I believe many accounting software will have the lock function but it will not lock/limit the transaction clearing date,

As I’m using few accounting software and I haven’t having this kind of issue.

The lock date locks everything and should not be set until everything has cleared.

like you say, if the payment i sent out to clients. But he never go to bank in the cheque or due to any reason he forgot the payment. Then my superiors cannot lock the periods until we need to chase our clients to cash out the payment?

Does it make sense?

Yes, I think it makes sense. A lock is a lock, not a filter. And the behavior of the lock encourages collection action and supervisory engagement.