Chinese Typing Problem

I am annoying about can’t type Chinese (using Cangjie method / simplified method unable to form one word) in all description field.

Any suggestion? Is that bug?

Is this only happening in Description field? All other fields are OK?


Only find in description field.

Have a look at this topic because it could be related

Do you use Windows 7?

I am using Window 8.1. Installed and try with your latest released version 19.7.67 but problem still happening.

Try using different browsers as described in the above linked thread. Does that work better?


I am using one user version, open the app at my desktop to operate.

You can still also access Manger from a browser window as described in the above thread or

@Patch, Thank you so much for your solution.

The problem fixed when I using a browser to load the app.

Thank you!

The problem is still present after updating the desktop app to version 19.9.9.