Request on Bulk email feature

You cannot do that currently. This has been in the Ideas category for a year: Bulk employee payments from payslips.

Hi @Tut, you mentioned of Ideas Category for a year. Do you mind to share the in which stage of the idea it is? and if not in place yet, may I know how long could it be done?

and about the link you have quoted to me, I didn’t find any relevant information, do you mind to point out for me?


As a forum moderator, I have no information about development plans. I am a user like you.

Maybe this can help but there is a way to do a bulk of manual emails somewhat faster/easier in the cloud and server editions

  1. Open cloud/server edition in a browser (here Chrome). This is browser tab number one for reference purposes
  2. Ctrl-click “View” button for ALL Sales invoices which need to be emailed (can be more than 100 tabs …)
    Here I used Sales invoices as an example but this process can apply to Payslips, Statments or whatever which can be emailed in Manager.
  3. Select browser tab number one
  4. Hit Ctrl-tab on the keyboard to go to next tab
  5. Click email

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all tabs until everything has been emailed

  1. Finally right-click browser tab number one and select “Close tabs to the right”

how will this make anything easier than just clicking View and then clicking Email within Manager itself?

I assume some find

  • clicking on all items in a list then clicking on the same button on all opened pages faster than

  • following a link then returning to the index page, remembering where you were up to, then following next link, and repeating for all items

exactly my point as @Patch points out in his first bullet, and with this approach it is less likely to accidentally skip emails or double emailing. also for some this approach is far from as tedious as going back and forth between links as mentioned in @Patch’s latter bullet

Will this function ever be available for the Desktop version of Manager? Thank you.

Multiple browser windows has always been supported in the desktop version.

  • Open the desktop version of Manager (and leave it running)

  • Open one of the links in Manager in another window (the exact procedure varies with operating system).

  • The link will open in your default browser

  • Multiple tabs can then be opened

Super, I had just tried the Ctrl-click of the View button in Desktop version (Windows 10) which does not work but had forgotten you can Right-click the View button in Desktop version and select “Open in new window” which ofcourse works as @Patch points out

Why can’t I select all my Sales statement all at once with "Click-Shift?

Why do you think you should be able to, and where are you referring to?

I’m using Desktop version. According to Tor in cloud/server edition he is able to Ctrl-click “View” button for ALL Sales invoices which need to be emailed and he used Sales invoices. Is their a way I can do it in Desktop version?

Then you would have noted that in post #11 Tor stated:
“Ctrl-click of the View button in Desktop version (Windows 10) . . does not work”

However, Tor did go on to say in post #11:
“Right-click the View button in Desktop version and select “Open in new window” which of course works as @Patch points out”

I want to select all Sales invoices so that I can email it in bulk to a customer

@Andries, before you asked about statements. Now you are writing about sales invoices. You need to describe exactly what you want to do and where in the program you want to do it. Why, for example, would you want to bulk email all sales invoices to a customer, or even all of that customer’s sales invoices? I doubt that is what you really meant.

It is only possible to have one invoice/statement pr one email. If there are many invoices/statements you want to send to the same customer you have to send many emails from Manager. Much better approach for you would be to make PDF files of all those invoices/statements and you have your bulk of files to attach to one email in your default email software like Gmail…

@Tut, sorry I did not express myself correctly. What I want to do is select bulk statements and email it to a client at the end of each month, as described by Tor below

Why send bulk statements to a single customer? Just define the date range for a statement to cover the entire period you were interested in.