SOS! Which is the best way to register a check either incoming or out-coming in Manager!?

A check as in Cheque?

I think so

Well there is no column for entering cheques at the moment and there is also no custom field available for receive money, spend money and Transfer money to enter a custom field for cheques ( I hope a custom field with “display as a column” comes soon for Banking and Cash transactions). Maybe a cheque management module will be considered in the future.

You may however add the cheque number to the reference e.g. if the reference is PMT-2015-0001 and the cheque number is 00255 you may do it like PMT-2015-0001/Ch#00255.

An incoming check should be entered into the appropriate bank account as an Uncleared deposit. An outgoing check should be entered as an Uncleared payment. These column headings are visible in the Bank Accounts tab. Click on the blue number (or dash, if zero) and then the Receive Money or Spend Money button. You can do the same thing under the Statement balance heading, but will need to make sure the dropdown status box shows the transaction as uncleared.

The reason there is no separate check module is because all forms of uncleared deposits and payments are, from an accounting viewpoint, exactly the same. (These could be counter transactions, mail deposits, automated transactions, card transactions, etc.) @Abeiku is correct; you can enter check numbers into the Reference field.

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