Checks under collection

Dear, I looked at how to make checks on the collection fee, but I did not understand anything. Can you explain that to me? I want to insert a set of checks on the collection fee

I don’t understand what you are trying to do, you will need to provide more details.

Dear I have submitted checks to the bank, but the date of maturity has not yet come, I want to know the details of these checks, what I mean is a report showing me the details of these checks

I am surprised your bank would accept those cheques. Nevertheless, you should simply show those as pending. Then you can export the list after drilling down on that column in the Bank Accounts tab.

You could always setup a Balance Sheet asset account, Deferred Payments, and post the cheques there until they become due.

Debit Deferred Payments
Credit Account Receivable/Customer
When you receive the cheque

Receive payment to bank account and post to Deferred Payments when the cheque is paid

Dear, Did you mean to prepare a special account for checks not yet due, and when it is due, I transfer them to the bank register?

Yes, but it is up to you to decide if the extra work in entering the extra entries is worth the effort.