Adding checks to bank

Hi All
I am a bit confused on how to add a payment i received (which I’ve already entered in the credit note) in the form of Post Dated Check to the Bank Account.

when adding it the form asks me to add something to the “Account” field if i leave it blank it transfers the amount to suspenses…
any advice?

Can you please explain the circumstances a bit more fully - details of all the related transactions.
EG was it a Customer/Sale or a Supplier/Purchase - were returned goods involved

Thanks for the feedback bruccana here’s an example.

ABC Company purchases goods worth of $200. On the 1st of November and pays us a check for the same amount ($200) dated 15th November.

Now when I do this on Manager the entries I make are

  1. Purchase invoice for the value from the respective customer
  2. Credit note for the check payment of 200

Now, I have a check with me that needs to be deposited on the 15th Nov.

Let’s say, 15th Nov has come now I need to deposit the check in the bank, at this point what I did with Manager app was:

Open the checking account
Receive payment of $200 in the checking account

Now my problem is when I do this entry the system asks me for an account, (I am confused to which account I should relate this check to) if I don’t select one from list it lists $200 into the ‘suspense’ account.

Can you please advise me to what account I should relate this to as I feel if I add this to the sales account it would become a double entry.

  1. If ABC Company is purchasing goods from you, then you do a Sales Invoice, not a Purchase Invoice. You only do Purchase Invoices when you are doing the buying.

  2. You don’t do Credit Notes for the check payment. Credit Notes are for inventory being returned.

The Account you select is Accounts Receivable, then a new field appears and you enter the Customer, then another fields appears and you enter the Invoice (but this field is optional)

BUT - you must do Sales Invoice first, otherwise Accounts Receivable wont know about the sale

Hi Brucanna
I’m sorry that was a typo :slight_smile:
what i meant was sales invoice.

As for item number 2. "Credit Notes"
The main reason i use credit notes is at times the customer does not settle payments bill to bill. they might pay $100 for a $200 invoice and settle the balance on another day etc, so i felt its wise to user credit notes for all invoices, should there be a better alternative do please advice.

I would like to redefine my statement "Receive payment of $200 in the checking account"
to “deposit” the $200 check (which i received from the customer) to the checking account.

The main problem i have is how to go about entering the deposit of the check payment in the bank account.

This doesn’t matter. Receive the money and allocate it to Accounts receivable => Customer => Sales Invoice #, and Manager will show the sales invoice as having that amount credited and a reduced balance due. Or leave the invoice number blank and Manager will allocate to the oldest outstanding invoice first.

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Thankyou Tut
Any advice on my check entry problem?

I already answered this question above, in the second sentence of my last post.

Firstly, DON"T use credit notes with regards to receipts/payments/deposits

Receive the money and allocate it to Accounts receivable => Customer => Sales Invoice #,