Check for Updates Missing

Version 20.7.25 I noticed the ‘Check for Updates’ button is missing from the bottom of the GST Calculation Worksheet.

There won’t be more updates to these reports as I’m working on new localization framework which will (among other things) make country-specific reports included within the program and updates will be automatic.

Cool, thanks for that.

Sound sensible, that should ensure

  • Synchronization between Manager versions and Localisation version.
  • NGSoftware authorization of all official localisation.

Hopefully the new implementation will retain the ability for a user to

  • Edit a localisation
  • Import & export a localisation (even if it’s via by batch update)

As this functionality is useful to adapt rapidly to new government requirements and trial new localisation ideas such as

Thank you. This is a good idea. It will negate the need to manually check for updates.

I think that import and export must remain as it it. One could have a further step of personalizations that maybe doesn’t want to share since they are so business specific.

@lubos, would it be possible to have the GST Calculation Worksheet calculate the amounts as per the sheet.
e.g. G2+G3+G4=G5 instead of Export+Other+Input=G5
at present it appears the total can give a discrepancy due to not rounding due to using actual figures and not the figures on the sheet (cell references).
Only a small issue but can happen in both Sales and Purchases calculations and the Summary.
Hope I have explained that right???