Changes required in payments & receipt vouchers, Invoices, and Payslips


First of all, I would like to congratulate the team of for developing such a wonderful software with tons of features. I have been testing the software for quite some time now and found it very comprehensive in almost all aspects of accounting.

However, since, we are going to use it in Pakistan, therefore, there are some practices which are pretty essential in accounting here, in Pakistan. I am laying down the points below for your consideration.

Payments: When I go on to make a payment by clicking on ‘New Payment’, there are some fields which must be available, in case, the payment is being made via a bank. We want these fields hard-coded into a voucher. Not by using a custom fields option.

  • Cheque no.
  • Cheque date
  • Cheque nature (Payee’s/Cash)
  • Cheque Printing

Coming to the next point regarding ‘Receipts & Payments’. The software makes a list of all the entries being made under ‘Receipts & Payments’ (See image 1). However, the problem here is that when we click on ‘View’ to review the voucher. There’s very important information is missing for both Receipts and Payments. The voucher for payment and receipt must look like same as Journal Voucher. (See image 2)

Receipts: The receipt voucher should show everything which is shown on the payment voucher. Further, Receipt voucher doesn’t pick invoice amount automatically. And also, doesn’t indicate if we select an already Paid invoice. This could lead to an overpayment to an Invoice. The system must prompt a box stating that “The invoice is already paid”. Or something like that. The Invoice number is also not mentioned on Receipt voucher.

Invoices: Can we get a separate list for Invoices currency-wise? Further, exchange Gain/Loss on receipt of payment is not shown on the voucher.

Payslips: We have a strength of nearly 50 employees for whom we need to create salary slips per month. However, at the moment, works in a way where we have to make 50 bank entries to clear outstanding for all the 50 payslips we had created.

Can I get a direct email id for further correspondence? It’s a great product covering a vast portion of accounting with perfection. However, these are some of the things which need to be tailored. In my humble opinion, these are rather general things. So, if you add them to the software, everyone would be able to benefit from it, regardless of the country they belong to.

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Image 1:

Image 2:

Welcome to the forum.
Some of your points have already been discussed in the forum and can be found using the search facility.

payments : these have changed over the past few years but currently the use of custom fields is the only way to get what you need

I dont see what information appears on the Journal Voucher and is missing from the Payment/Receipt voucher

Multi-currency invoices - can you not select the invoices by using the currency code in the search field and then exporting the list?

Payslips for 50 employees - how do you handle the payslip preparation - is this done manually in Manager or in an external payroll package? If it is external, then there is no need to keep individual employee information in Manager

There is no direct email support. This forum and the guides are the way support is provided.

Hello Joe91,

Please see the below image of Payment/Receipt Voucher. Now, compare this Voucher with a Journal Voucher. In Journal Vouchers the chart of accounts is shown which are affected by the entry. However, in payment & receipt voucher we cannot see which account was debited/credited.

Regarding the invoices, there’s no way to select invoices by using the currency. Is there a way to maintain Invoice Lists by currency? So, the USD invoice gets listed separately from GBP and EUR Invoices.

Currently, we prepare Salary sheets manually. If we want to make payroll internally, in the software, how can we do that without making 50 entries in the bank to clear the outstanding balance?


Manager’s design philosophy is to provide the simplest interface possible. When more information is needed, custom fields are available. When you incorporate custom fields, they are just as “hard-coded” as a default field. They are not going anywhere, but are included in your database from that point onward.

Cheque printing is not available from Manager. There are too many different standards and sizes around the world.

They will not. Many users are completely overwhelmed by the concepts of debits and credits. So Manager minimizes the number of transactions allowed through journal entries. You might not like this approach. In that case, you should choose a different accounting program.

It does. In fact, it is the same form. What do you think is different between the two?

It does if you initiate the receipt while viewing the invoice.

Yes, it could. And sometimes, customers overpay and specify the payment should be applied to a certain invoice. Would you have the program apply it elsewhere and lose track of this fact?

This information is on the entry screen and can be entered into the Description field.

Yes. Either (a) drill down on a customer’s number of invoices in the Customers tab or (b) search the Sales Invoices list for the currency designator. In either case, export the result to a spreadsheet. Understand that invoices are not maintained by currency, but by customer.

Your statement does not make sense. If you pay employees by cheque, of course you must make 50 entries, because you have 50 different cheques made out to 50 different employees. If you pay them by cash, you need 50 different payment forms, because each payment goes to a different employee. Please explain how you would clear money owed from payslips to 50 employees with a single bank transaction. (If you are referring to withdrawing one cash sum from your bank to handle cash payments to employees, that would an inter account transfer from your bank to a cash account. Then you would enter the 50 cash payments from that cash account to the employees.)

Thanks for the detailed reply and clearing some point regarding customization.

Does the team of provide paid customization services? If we want to carry out all the above-mentioned points as paid-customization, where would be the right place to contact?


There are no paid customization services. Please also note, it violates the rules of the forum to offer or solicit work. All help on the forum is provided free. See FAQ - Manager Forum.

I am sorry for not reviewing the guidelines before posting here.

Point well taken.

Thanks for all your answers.

Sounds like you need a higher software. Manager is suitable for small setups with staff strength of at most 15

Manager is suitable for all businesses, regardless of the number of employees, it just that when employees become greater than a manageable number then it’s possibly best to use a payroll service provider and just post the summary of the payroll into manager, rather than individually.

You are right Sir, but I was looking at other things as well apart from payroll when I said Manager is for Small Business. (The Website home page says for small business too)
For example one can still edit transactions in the system even if they haven’t been given access in settings.
Check out this topic

Until such problems and others are resolved, I consider manager at best in the Desktop Version. (Desktop Version is a full accounting package for a Small Organization.)