Change the vat on all stock items at one time


Am working in Saudi Arabia, and now the VAT is changed from 5% to 15%. and all my stock items added with 5% VAT

how I can change the VAT to 15% as one time because I have 1500 item and need a long time to change one by one

Use Batch Update. See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager. Be aware, however, that tax codes appear as hexadecimal UUIDs. So you will need to follow these steps, in order:

  1. Create the new custom tax code. See Create and use tax codes | Manager.
  2. Change one inventory item.
  3. Begin the batch update.
  4. After copying and pasting into a spreadsheet, note the new tax code UUID for the inventory item you changed.
  5. Copy/paste/fill that new UUID into the cells for tax code for all the other inventory items.
  6. Copy the spreadsheet and paste back into the batch update window.
  7. Complete the batch update according to the Guide.

Maybe make a backup before starting, just in case

I’ll try it thank you

Thanks for the advice :blush: