Change the "customer" tab to "member"

Hi All
I am planning to maintain a club account and i have members who’d pay the club for various reasons (subscriptions etc)
is there a possibility to rename the tabs from customers to members?
please advice

There is no ability to change the Tab Names, but what might come into Manager in the future is the ability to create an alias for Tabs so that end users like us can change the name of the Tab to whatever is more relevant for us - I would like to change Cash Accounts to Money Accounts, but the program can still be coded to use the original names for the database.

@lubos I think that using aliases to create “user friendly” name tabs would be a good idea so people can call Cash Accounts Money Accunts or whatever they like. Creating an alias should be an easy job to do and would make all users happy as they can use whatever name that they like and it won’t affect the database which would use the default names that you have setup.

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