Can i use Manager for School/Education Purpose?

please let me know can i use manager for school/education purpose.
when i use it there is some name and items need to changes such as Customer - > students and etc.
is it possible can i edit it?

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Yeah, there are schools using Manager as their accounting system. Renaming tabs is not supported. I’m not sure whether it’s a good idea to support it to be honest.

So that means, i am not able to edit the tabs? :frowning:

As lubos stated - Renaming tabs is not supported

@jacksii, there could be definite disadvantages to renaming the tabs.

First, from an accounting (not an educational) perspective, your students are customers. Renaming them, or possibly other things in the program, as something else could lead to confusion for you, others who may become involved with bookkeeping, possible auditors, and potentially tax authorities.

Second, you have been asking many questions on the forum. The answers can only come in terminology used by others. If you change your tabs, no one will know what you mean, and the potential for misunderstanding in both directions will increase.

yes, i know.
but there is no chance of Create Cost of Sales for Books of Students?
only Income & Expenses.

Yes you can Create Cost of Sales in the chart of accounts

You do not need to alter the name of the tabs as explained by Tut.

It is only the titles on source document that you may need to change. For instance, in my country schools usually use Bill in place of Invoice .

There is nothing you wouldn’t be able to do.

Good day all.

I am also using Manager Server edition in running a school. What is the possibility of duplicating “Customers” to help me separate students from other stakeholders without necessarily using control accounts? Thank you.

Using control accounts is your only possibility, besides using customer codes as an identifier.

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Please do not double post questions. That splits the discussion.

I am using for our consulting company business accounts, using it for our customers some international companies and it fit any type of businesses. general it is a very good package.