Change of address in cloud edition


I upgraded to cloud edition from desktop edition. I want to change my address please how do I go about it? What I mean is this please. Example my current adress is like (not true adress but just example please). How can I change it please?



read below topic.

What address are you referring to, @Umeadi? If you are referring to the business address that appears on transactions, see this Guide:


The address I mean is my URL. Currently my URL is but I want to change the umeadinnadi in the URL.


Option 1: Custom Domain

If you own a domain name that you wish to use (e.g. something like, you can follow the instructions that sharpdrivetek linked to above. That way, it can be changed by you immediately.

Option 2: Domain (recommended)

However, if you wish to change to a different * domain instead of using your own custom domain, there is no customer-facing method of changing this.

You could work around this by:

  1. Making a backup of your current business file
  2. Cancelling your current subscription, and then sign up again using the new URL
  3. Importing your business backup file into the new URL

Option 3: Domain

An alternative to #2, above, you could contact the developer at - provide your existing URL and the new URL that you wish to use, and he may be able to rename it for you.

Note: It’s not clear if this is something that they are willing to do, so keep in mind that the answer may be “no”.