Bank and Cash Accounts

G’day guys. I have a noob question so apologies if I have missed something easy

I’m currently learning accounting and of course using Manager. I’m coupling this with the book “The Accounting Game” (yeah i need it that simplified if you know the book. My brain hurts…lol). So I’m reading that and putting those examples into Manager. Kind of killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

I have the Bank and Cash Accounts tab setup with two entries under that called ‘Bank’ and ‘Cash1’. I’ve also created another ‘Cash’ account directly under Assets

Why can’t I see the ‘Bank’ and ‘Cash1’ accounts in Journal entries but can see my created ‘Cash’ account? How do I move money into ‘Cash1’ for example if I cant see it?

Note. The reason for the cash account that I made is so I could actually play as not seeing the former was irritating me and stalled my learning. As there were now two 'Cash Accounts I just renamed one 'Cash1’to differentiate


First of all I do not think you can expect any accounting program to work as explained in a textbook. For example Manager restricts the use of Journal entries see Make journal entries | Manager

More specifically:

In Manager, most transactions are entered in other functional tabs, thereby automating many decisions about account posting and reducing errors. So journal entries are relatively few. Most record transfers between accounts. In fact, no transaction involving the actual receipt or payment of funds by a business can be recorded via a journal entry.

This also leads to the question why you created a cash account without using the functional tab Bank and Cash accounts as you did already? If you want to see each of these accounts separate in for example reports and summary view then you need to create control accounts and assign the respective bank and cash accounts you created to each of those. The control account will automatically appear in the Chart of Accounts!

See Add custom control accounts | Manager

As a new member and user, you should start by reading the Forum Rules/FAQ and the Guides. If questions arise from what is explained in the Guides, then use the Forum’s Search function in the top right corner 99% of the questions are already answered here. Good luck climbing the learning curve.

Yeah i did that. Couldn’t find anything that related

Hi man,

The reason behind it is that Manager himself is designed only so you can do cash and bank transactions throw certain transaction connecting directly with the use of money such as “Purchases” & “Payments” options in the left side of the main page.
The other types can be done in “Journal Entry’s” section.

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I created the separate cash account so I could play a bit. I wanted to use the original Bank and Cash Accounts but couldn’t work out how it gets money

When I started this I originally entered a starting balance for each but the Balance sheet came up with weird numbers so I redone with empty balance then started with a journal entry to get rolling.

Ok. That first 5 dollars. How would it get entered?

Then I wonder what search term you used to search the Guides because searching for journal entries would have resulted in 3 guides, the most important being Make journal entries in which it’s clearly explained that you cannot make journal entries involving the actual receipt or payment of funds:

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Search the guides for receipt

Yep. Ok. The stupid bit is I kind of knew this from watching accounting vids also on yt but it was just data sitting in the background. I’ll play and see if the connection has been made.

You know what? That in Manager you cannot make journal entries involving the actual receipt or payment of funds? Then please share those videos because, to my knowledge, Manager is the only accounting application that doesn’t allow posting receipts or payments of funds through journal entries.

I recommend you start reading the guides from the beginning and apply the examples offered in a test business.