Cash Account vs Out of Pocket Expenses

Hi Lubos
I keep on saying: Great Piece of Software. I like it since I started working with it nearly a year ago. On top of it your response time and service is awsome. What more can you expect :smiley:

Here my recent question:
In the beginning I put some Money into a so created cash account.
Then you proposed to use the newly installed out of pocket expenses then. I followed and cleared the cash account.
Now a cash account possibility shows up again, which puzzles me.

What do you recommend?
When I am paying with my private credit card (for some good reasons it happens), I create expenses accordingly.
If I pay with cash in my pockets what is it then? Same like with the private credit card or shall I create a cash account again and transfer some money into it from the bank account?

“Cash accounts” plugin is really only for businesses that keep actual cash on premises such as cash float, petty cash, undeposited funds etc.

If you pay for expenses with your private credit card or cash, it doesn’t matter, they are still “Expense Claims” because you are using personal funds to pay for business expenses.