Carton damaged but sellable goods

We sell products that are slightly carton damaged however we wouldn’t consider this with normal inventory. Is there anyway that we could account for this inventory but not have ‘CD_product name : quantities’ for each and every item that we sell as carton damaged? Also there is no difference in purchase price just that the sell price would be different

Your problem is that, if you want to count the damaged products and know how many you have on hand, you need a unique identifier. If you don’t need to know how many in stock are damaged vs. whole, you could apply a discount when one is identified. But that requires coordination between warehouse personnel and order entry personnel.

@Tut how would I create a unique identifier? I have been thinking about an idea here so anything would help

Create a new inventory item under Settings. You might also use a custom field to keep track of the damage status, but I would not advise that, because the damaged and undamaged items are not truly interchangeable. You might also use a sales invoice item, linked to the inventory item to account for the different selling prices. But once again, you would not be able to distinguish the difference in your records and might end up thinking you had undamaged goods when everything in stock was damaged. So I don’t see an alternative to the separate inventory item.

Yeah, just create new inventory item which will represent damaged items.

If undamaged item becomes damaged item, you can use Production Orders tab to convert undamaged quantity to damaged quantity.