Can't remove VAT on payment to international supplier

There has been some recent changes to the receipt/payment forms and in general I think it makes a lot of sense.

I have had a small problem when I entered a payment to an international supplier. The “Tax” field is empty and I cannot edit it. If I uncheck “amounts of not tax inclusive” it just adds the VAT on top.

Not sure what I need to do in order to solve this issue. I’m on the cloud version of manager.

2020-09-03 095016 - VAT issue

change the account to one which tax codes are allowed (eg suspense), delete the tax code then re enter accounts payable.

Otherwise wait for Lubos to fix it

My understanding is that when you’re making a payment against a purchase invoice the tax code is set in that purchase invoice, not on the payment screen. Can you edit the purchase invoice in question to remove the tax there?

Looking through some of my recent payments, it seems where I have made payments with no purchase invoice for expenses that are defined as non-inventory items I can select the tax code in the payment edit screen. Where I am paying into a supplier’s accounts payable account the tax code is not selectable from the payment edit screen, even if I don’t specify a purchase invoice.

This has been already reported. It’s a bug.

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@GrahamvdR There is no VAT or other tax on the purchase invoice. lubos confirmed it was a bug so kinda good news!

@WildTZ Ah, OK. Nice to have that confirmed.

I suspect there is a tax code on your payment which is not not displayed.
You have removed the bread crumbs from your screen captures so not easily verifiable.
If my guess was correct you could work around it by removing the account selection on the payment, which would reveal the tax code. If so delete it then re-select the accounts payable and supplier.

While I can not verify this is what you have done I can reproduce the behavior easily.

  1. Create an invoice (tax code or not makes no difference

  2. Open new payment

  3. Select a tax code for the line item (it will be accepted and shown)

  4. Select accounts payable for that line item (the selected tax code will be hidden)

  5. Enter other data in the payment such as amount and save it

  6. View screen shows tax code is still active just not shown on the edit screen

Hence my suggested work around in post #2
Which happens to be the same solution proposed by lubos in the thread he linked

If you goto the purchase invoice. I think you will find the full $1650 has been applied to it. Consistent with Lubos statement that the bug only effects the payment view screen display, not the actual accounting functionality.

Fixed in the latest version (20.8.95)