Cannot Start After Upgrade 16.12.4

Manager Server [Version 16.12.4]
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mono ManagerServer.exe [options]


-port [number]     Set port on which HTTP server should listen on.
-path [directory]  Set directory where Manager should look for data.


mono ManagerServer.exe 
mono ManagerServer.exe -port 80
mono ManagerServer.exe -port 80 -path "/home/pi/.local/share/Manager"

[2:03:23 PM] The type initializer for ‘SQLite.SQLiteConnection’ threw an exception. (TypeInitializationException)

Dear Manager,

Can u fix it?
My system is Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie.

Something went wrong in desktop version too.
Manager opens but can’t “see” the Businesses.

I deleted all files and Imported again from backup.
My date preferences was changed to MM.DD.YYYY.
I changed back to DD/MM/YYYY and now 2 of my Business follow this date format but the 3rd Business does NOT.

When I create a backup that already exists refuse to Replace It.

All these was OK yesterday

Windows 10, Manager 16.12.4

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I think the issue is that your Raspberry Pi is running 32-bit OS and version 16.12.4 requires 64-bit OS if using Linux or Mac.

What do you mean by that? It showed no businesses at all?

Can you demonstrate by screenshot in which context you see this?

Oke Lubos, but before its running perfectly?? why??
Do this because Manager use SQLite now?

Or can u sent me ManagerServer.tar.gz for version 16.12.0 for me.

Yes, It showed no businesses at all (I can’t reproduce this screen because I restored the files).

Yesterdays files

After the restore…

Date format issue solved by restarting Manager.

Yeah. This way if you are using attachments or upcoming audit trail feature, everything will be self-contained in single .manager file.

Previously Manager was using data format I created myself but as Manager is growing in functionalit, it felt like I’m reinventing the wheel. SQLite is great format to store application data so I switched to that.

The only problem is that Manager won’t run on 32-bit Linux at the moment but I’ll find some solution for that.

Ok, i understand.

Can you hlp me, with send the previous version of ManagerServer 16.12.0

I need it before upgrade my system.

Thanks a lot.

Could you send me the file that starts with 00000000-0000-0000-000.... to ? I think that should be enough for me to try to reproduce the issue.

Here is version 16.12.1 which is the last one before switching to SQLite.

ManagerServer.tar.gz (7.8 MB)

Thanks for your help.

I have look to my Manager Data Folder but all of them gone, its just 00000-000-00... there.

any idea?

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@ahmadsetioaji, not sure about this. Manager has no code to delete files or directories within its data folder. Perhaps you have your data folder elsewhere. On server edition, you typically set the path using command line switch.

In my system, i only change the port not the path. but why all data gone.

pi@pi-server:~ $ cd .local
pi@pi-server:~/.local $ ls
pi@pi-server:~/.local $ cd share
pi@pi-server:~/.local/share $ ls
pi@pi-server:~/.local/share $ cd Manager
pi@pi-server:~/.local/share/Manager $ ls
pi@pi-server:~/.local/share/Manager $ ^C
pi@pi-server:~/.local/share/Manager $

That’s something you would need to figure out. Manager doesn’t contain any code to delete any files or directories so it couldn’t be Manager. It must have been something else.

You can always restore from backup, right?

Ok, but my backup is early november… :cry: