Cannot set multi-currency

I need to charge some invoices out in CAD$, though my base currency is GBP.
I’ve located this article…

…and I am trying to set this up but the options are not there? My customizable settings are here…

I am currently on the free download version; and on a Mac - in case that has any bearing. I am happy to purchase the full product, as long as I can see this work. (This is my biggest customer, and therefore a deal breaker if this isn’t an option). That said, I don’t see any restrictions mentioned in the article.

Can anyone help me solve this?

What version are you using (click on About Manager to find the version number) - I am using 14.8.25 on a Mac (free version at the moment) and I have the Base Currency and Exchange Rate options available (although I am not using them yet).

It’s Manager 14.5.2, I found Manager yesterday and downloaded. I’ve assumed this is the most up-to-date version. Yet this seems different from yourself t_j_bradford. :frowning:

Have re-downloaded. Version has changed, lo and behold the options are now there. Thanks :smile: