Cannot Edit PDF files generated from Manager

Hi ,

Few weeks ago, I used to be able to edit the PDF files generated from MANAGER. this has helped me fix the formatting of the invoices, delivery notes, etc.

Recently, the PDF’s generated from Manager , i different… it looks like squares and mostly photos (non editable format) and it prevented me from doing so. below is a screenshot of what i have described. I have test PDF editor on other documents and it works fine, so its not from the PDF editor software. Anyone could help me with this, i really appreciate it.

Helo @barazeidan

This isn’t the most efficient method to do things.

It appears that you are using a Custom Theme, and the best way to fix formatting issues is to edit your theme once and for all instead of manually editing your generated PDF each and every time.

Also, locking the PDF for editing after generation seems look a security feature to me.